This is how we do it.

Our process is very simple: you provide one month billing, copies of your carrier contracts, and three signatures authorizing us to obtain records from the carriers. Tele-Audit immediately starts digging for savings for your company.

WE DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME OR MONEY. You provide a signature on our Letter of Agency, which allows us to get service records directly from each carrier also copies of your contracts with the carriers and of one recent bill from each carrier. That's it! We do all the data mining form our office with full discretion and privacy.

WE OPTIMIZE YOUR NETWORKS. A second Letter of Agency allows us to make the needed changes to optimize network efficiency and obtain additional savings. Leave the hard work to us and we'll make life easier for you.

Pain Free Telecom Audits.
NO SAVINGS, NO CONTRACT. As our client you simply enter into an agreement with us only when we find cost savings. The deal is that we will add cash to your bottom line every month with no out of pocket expense to you ever! That's the Tele-Audit advantage.


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