Our Story

Tele-Audit was founded by Patricia Wheat and is a privately held, debt-free LLC. We manage telecommunications for businesses all over the U.S., though we are located in the heart of South Carolina. The mission of Tele-Audit is to drive down your costs, and in doing so our revnues are driven up. It is the best of all worlds.

The Tele-Audit team was drawn together by a desire to match our technical knowledge with our core value of "doing unto others as we would have them do unto us." We are not driven by sales quotas and we never compromise quality or customer satisfaction.

Tele-Audit is not a carrier agent and works only for clients' best interests. We believe that working for both client and carrier is unethical and is one of the greed-driven components eroding business ethics in today's marketplace. We will never make a recommendation unless it is for our client's best interest and savings. Our primary goal is saving our clients money by keeping the telecom industry accountable for their contracts, billing and service performance.

Audit Services Provided:

  • Base Line Audit
  • Circuit Inventory
  • Contract Performance
  • Monthly Audit Review
  • 3rd Party Billing
  • Recovery Overcharges

Carrier/Hardware Assessment Services:

  • Physical Network Intelligence
  • Technological Assessment
  • Carrier Switch Software Inventory
  • Relationships w/Carrier Back Offices
  • Customer Service Rating
We'd love the opportunity to serve you.

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